Heart Attack (1981)

The Heart Attack single is another brilliant key release from the very early days of the genre. The 7" chunk of vinyl was intended to be a teaser "from the forthcoming LP: NERD 002 Boogie Disease" as inked on the back sleeve, but none of these recordings eventually made it on the long-playing record. This is another piece of rockin' history. Track listing: Heart Attack // Spellbound.


You Can't Judge A Book... EP (1989)

The four track EP, which is also available with an orange sleeve design, is another classic from Raucous Recordsī offering of 7īī vinyl of the late 1980s . All of them tracks showcase the bandīs ability to cover a song and make it completely their own.  Track list: How Come You Do Me-- You Canīt Judge A Book / Do What I Do-- This Train.

Boogie Disease(1981)

Few album from  year one of the 1980s can match the impact that Boogie Disease had on the next (de)generation of Psychobilly music.  Already having the reputation to be one of the hottest live acts on the rocking underground of London, the trio recorded their unique blend of high-energy Rock'n'Roll, Blues and psychotic Rockabilly for Nervous Records. Introduced as  "-wilder than the Polecats-crazier than The Meteors" on the back sleeve of the record by Mister Roy Williams himself, gives you an idea what this band was all about at their prime. Essential ! Highlights are their covers of Boogie Disease and  Long Black Train , which was recorded live. Other apogees are Victim Of My Love, Heart Attack and Raging Sea.

Mad For It(1986)

Almost five years after their debut album, THE DELTAS released "Mad For It" on I.D. Records back in 1986. The album is another wild mix of Blues , psychotic Rockabilly and high-octane Rock'n'Roll . The addition of a second guitar (well known Boz Boorer, who also produced the album) didnīt harm either. Among the highlights are two brilliant covers of  The Cat and Hit The Road Jack. Other highlights are the title theme Mad For It, Whip It Up and Gimme The Drugs, the later ones also appeared on the "Magnificent Seven" compilation album, that captures seven of the scene's best bands from that era.

Tuffer Than Tuff! (1988)

The third studio album from THE DELTAS resulted from their partnership with Link Records. The twelve track 12" vinyl is another wild rockin' affair, with decent blues influences. Frantic slap bass driven sounds, twangy guitar solos and enthusiastic style of play mark another hallmark release from U.K. quintet. The album is also available together with their Live And Rockin' album on CD format. Among the best songs is a cover of the David Bowie classic John I'm Only Dancing with Boz Boorer on vocals. Other highlights are  Tuffer Than Tuff, Crazy News, Cool Off Baby and  It Ain't Right.