The Deadcats


Bucket O'Love (1996)

Bucket O’ Love is the excellent debut album from Canada’s Psychobilly pioneers, originally released on Flying Saucer Records in 1995. The fifteen-track CD includes an intriguing blend of  Punk, Rockabilly, Surf and Hillbilly influences, that’s hard to file. The well-written originals and stunning cover versions create a raw, unvarnished Rock’n Roll feeling in the best tradition of The Cramps and the early 80’s U.K. Trash scene. Highlights are She-Devil, Goin’ Down To Memphis, their cover version of the Shakin’ Pyramids’ Let’s Go, Hank’s Cadillac and the title track Bucket O’ Love.


Million Of Deadcats (1999)

The second album from the Vancouver-based DEADCATS was released about three years after their debut offering, also on their own Flying Saucer label. The quartet again was able to create a very Trash-y affair with wild rockin’ originals, stunning cover versions ( Vince Taylor, The Sonics, Social Distortion…) and their own idea of brewing psychotic Rock’n’Roll by using Punk, Rockabilly, Surf and Hillbilly as main ingredients. On a side note the revealing girl on the flipside of the sleeve, Angel 69, is also responsible for the backin’ vocals on Brand New Cadillac. Highlights are Night Of The Helltrain, Ballad Of Johnny Rebel, King Of Fools, their hockey version of the Rolling Stones’ Get Off My Cloud, renamed Get Outta My Crease and Stagger Lee.

Trashville Jukebox (2001)

The prolific story of the Psychobilly Canucks continued with this sixteen-track album on Raucous Records in 2001. As indicated in the album title the DEADCATS have been rattling through a set of cover versions just to make them completely their own. Though many of the tunes were released on the band's earlier records, this is a strong collection from the Trashville Jukebox. My favourite tracks are Brand New Cadillac, All I Need Is Rain, Get Out Of My Crease, She's Like Heroine To Me and Let's Go.


Look Like Hell! (2010)

This is already the seventh album from the Canadian four-piece, also released on Flying Saucer Records. Again lumping together the best elements of Surf, Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Country & Western, Garage Punk and anything else useful they were able to pick up, THE DEADCATS created another unique and very varied offering. They may Look Like Hell!, but they sound like Psychobilly heaven. Highlights include Bones Keep A'Rumblin, a re-recording of Hank's Cadillac, Motoloco, Peggy Suicide and Psychocat.