Various Artists Compilations

Four on 4 / Trash On The Tube (1984)

This is the soundtrack to the TV special " What Is A Garage Band ?", that was filmed for the music TV program The Tube in September 1984. The show captures four of Great Britain's finest Garage/ Trash outfits, all of them contributing with one track each. The 7´´ EP was released by Big Beat Records. Tracklist: Thee Milkshakes- Out Of Control-- The Prisoners- Reaching My Head // The Sting-rays - Come On Kid-- The Tall Boys - Ride This Torpedo.


American Rockabilly(1990)

American Rockabilly  is a compilation album and ropes in some of the finest outfits, hailing from Northern America in the late 1980's. It  was originally released on Nervous Records and offers all kind of variations from the Neorockabilly spectrum, but also some straight Psycho rockin' tracks. Among the highlights are two -otherwise hard to find- solo tracks from Paul Roman , Bounce Right Back and the brilliant The Devil Can Have My Soul. Other highlights are The Jackals- Psychobilly Belinda, The Quakes-1000 Kats, The Nervous Fellas- Shake Tonight and The Atomics- She's Mine.


Blood On The Cats (1983)

This is arguably the ancestral vinyl of all the Psychobilly compilation albums and the first compilation album that used the term " Psychobilly " on the (back) sleeve. Despite a few weak moments and dubious fillers from Indie / Goth / Rock outfits like Alien Sex Fiend or Jazz Butcher , the album hosts some early classics of the genre in terms of  the Guana Batz, Meteors, Ricochets plus the incredible Screaming Lord Sutch with his cult track Murder In The Graveyard. Also an extra bass for the sensational blood-splattered sleeve illustration of a dead cat gored by Psychobilly's double bass . Highlights: Escalators- The Day The Sun Burned Down, Guana Batz- Cannibal Run, Meteors- Graveyard Stomp, Sting-rays- Dinosaurs and The Ricochets- Runnin' Wild.

Revenge Of The Killer Pussies - Blood On The Cats # 2 (1984)

This is the second part of The Blood On The Cats series, also released on the Anagram label. The album includes sixteen tracks, another surprising blend of early Psychobilly treasures, Trash goodies, amazing sleeve design plus some more fillers from various bands from the Indie / Punk / Rock corner. The album also reached the Top 5 of the UK Independent Chart late in 1984. Among the highlights is a rare recording of Psychotic Reaction, from the Sting-rays' Bananamen session and a brilliant performance of The Vibes, covering the Screamin' Jay Hawkins' cult track Alligator Wine. Other highlights are Guana Batz- Werewolf Blues, Meteors- The Hills Have Eyes, Tall Boys- Dawn Of The Flies, King Kurt- Zulu Beat and The Blubbery Hellbellies- I Don't Wanna Get Thin.

For A Few Pussies More -Blood On The Cats Part III  (1987)

After a three year break, Anagram Records continued with the Blood On The Cats series in 1987. Like the earlier instalments, the 12” vinyl offers some of the scene’s top acts ( The Meteors, Guana Batz, Frenzy, Restless…)  rockin’ rarities ( Go West, Riverside Trio…) as well as tracks from outfits that are barely associated with Psychobilly music nowadays (Alien Sex Fiend, Bad Karma Beckons) plus another wonderful sleeve design. Highlights are The Meteors- Surf City, Levi Dexter & The Ripchords- I Get So Excited, Demented Are Go- Holy Hack Jack and the Riverside Trio- She’s Gone.

A Fistful Of Pussies -Blood On The Cats Part IV (1988)

The fourth volume of the Blood On The Cats series includes another fourteen tracks of rockin' mayhem and features Psychobilly headliners The Meteors, Demented Are Go, Frantic Flintstones, Guana Batz and Batmobile, Garage goodies from Ug & The Cavemen, The Milkshakes, The Golden Horde and The Mighty Caesars and rockin' talent from The Quakes, Torment and Get Smart. The label released a CD under the same title that includes twenty tracks of this piece of vinyl mixed up together with songs taken from the 3rd part of this series. On a side note that the front cover was designed by Demented Are Go member Simon Cohen. Highlights are The Meteors- Repo Man, Frantic Flintstones- Alley Cat King, Ug & The Cavemen- Go Go Gorilla, Torment- Scared Of Myself and the Demented Are Go – Human Slug.


Cool Cat Go Ape (1986)

This gathering of 'Dutch Rockabillies' features seven bands starting their career back in the mid-eighties, contributing with two songs each. Tho' the general feel of this release is more Neorockabilly dominated, this 12" piece of vinyl also features the excellent Cavemen and Frantic Vermin for you die-hards. Anyway it is is an excellent snapshot of the ever-present rockin' scene of the Netherlands from the day and has also become a collector's item as the album has still denied the CD boom. Personal favourites include Cavemen- Vampire, Frantic Vermin- You Said, Rumble Cats- I Was a Fool, Crackle Rattle Bash- Won't You Come Back No More and Co & The Cattle Show- Saturday Jump.


Crazy Crazy Crazy (1990)

This is an awesome compilation album of otherwise hard to find tracks from the vaults of Maybe Crazy / Wahnsinn Records. The twelve-track 12'' vinyl release includes the complete POX It's So Dark 12´´ EP and rare output from Mad Sin, Scallywags and Sweden's Voodoo Dolls and definitely is a nice snapshot of the early Euro-billy scene. On a side note the collector's item is available with three different vinyl colours. Highlights: Mad Sin- Blind Spot, Scallywags- Criminal Boiz, P.O.X.- Psycho´s Mind - Sick Brains and the Voodoo Dolls- Poison In My Drink.


Dragged From The WreckAge Of The Klub Foot (2012)

If there's any release of the 21st century that is not in need to be reviewed it must be this 5x5” CD-box out on Alan Wilson's Trophy label. Nineteen bands, about ten dozen live tracks all recorded at the 80's Psychobilly headquarter of them good old days. The sound of the compilation is just fantastic and gives the listener the most realistic feeling what this cult venue was all about. The majority of the track listing has not been available before as the original reels were literally stored between bales of straw and chicken shit before being rediscovered, saved and restored and eventually becoming part of Psychobilly history. The set features headlining acts like Frenzy, Batmobile and Restless, Psychobilly stompers from Torment, Skitzo and the Coffin Nails, Garage goodies from the Tall Boys, Sting-Rays and The Primevals, pure party from Rochee & The Sarnos and The Highliners, knock-out beats from The Rapids, Wigsville Spliffs and The Pharaohs and rockin' rarities Sgt. Bilko's Krazy Combo, Fractured and Get Smart. Nuf Ced ! Listen! 


Gypsy Girl (1988)

This is a real nice Neorockabilly, Psychobilly sampler. Gypsy Girl was the third album released on Dell Richardson's  Fury Records and hit the record shops in 1988. It combines a self-proclaimed mix of  "Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll & Psycho " and includes thirteen tracks. The title track Gypsy Girl was recorded by U.K. rockabilly legend The Caravans. The 12'' vinyl also features a high-speed version of  The Griswalds´ Frightnight, which was their first release ever. Other highlights: The Go-Katz -Livin' In Your Shadow,  Rock Therapy -You Don´t Move Me No More and The Nightshift Trio- What D' Ya See Now.

Hep Cat Hop (1981)

Hep Cat Hop is the first compilation offering from Nervous Records, released on 12” vinyl in 1981 and includes six bands with two tracks apiece, drifting away from the authentic revival sound, bringing Rockabilly to a new audience. Though most tracks are straight Neorockabilly, the album showcases the youthful excitement , keenness and willingness of  bands on creating a wilder, more powerful sound. The record also includes The Ricochets’ classics Witchcraft and Migraine as well as two early Restless rarities. Highlights are Buzz And The Flyers- My Baby Can’t Be Satisfied, The RicochetsWitchcraft, Migraine, Restless- Long Winding River, Leavin’ This Town and Scotty Robbins And The Psychobillies- Rock It Up Baby.


Hell's Bent On Rockin!(1985)

This mid-80´s compilation captures some of the most popular Psychobilly bands of that era and the track list seems to be the Who´s Who in Psychobilly of the year 1985.  The original 12'' Nervous  vinyl contains fourteen songs recorded by twelve bands, including the first two recordings of a band who call themselves Demented Are Go! and a handful of rarer recordings from the likes of Frenzy, The Rapids or The Ricochets. The album was re-released on CD format in 2003 without The Meteors track but  three bonus songs were added. My personal highlights are The Deltas - Shake Your Moneymaker , Sharks- Ghost Train, Demented Are Go! - Rubber Rock - One Sharp Knife, Rochee and The Sarnos - Rock'n'Roll FrogFrenzy- Cry Or Die and The Meteors with an alternative take of Shout So Loud.


I Ain't Lonely No More (1989)

The twelve- track Various Artists compilation album, that was released by Fury Records back in 1989, is another snapshot of the British rockin' underground in the waning 1980s. The 12´´ vinyl features some excellent Neorockabilly from Rochee And The Sarnos guitar man Rob Glazebrook's The Playboys (who can figure out who's on backing vocals?) or  The Little Rock Combo as well as some straight  Psychobilly stompers from bands like the Surfin' Wombatz or Spook & The Ghouls. Highlights are The Wigsville Spliffs- I Ain't Lonely No More, Sonny West & The Rhythm Kings- Everything But Love, The Little Rock Combo- Wild One, The Machismos- Not Now Kato, The Playboys- Hug Me and the Surfin' Wombatz - Wild Man.


The Magnificent Seven(1987)

This is another great compilation album, originally released by ABC Records and features some of the label's best talent. The platter contains- as hinted in the album title- seven of the most popular Psychobilly acts from that era. Each band is represented with two or three songs a piece. The fantastic looking  cover of the 12" disc is designed with a drawing, that shows the respective front men of each band in Western uniforms. Nuff said, you cannot fail having The Meteors, Guana Batz, Frenzy, Demented Are Go!, Restless, The Sting-Rays and Restless with a couple of their finest recordings all on the same chunk of vinyl. Highlights: The Meteors- Blue Sunshine-Johnny Remember Me, Guana Batz- Loan Shark, Frenzy-I See Red, Deltas- Whip It Up and Demented Are Go!-PVC Chair- Pervy In The Park.


The Northwood Story Volume One (1991)

This another excellent collection of early Neorockabilly obscurities. The compilation album includes twenty tracks- eighteen of them previously unissued - of great, raw and unpolished Rockabilly. All cuts were unearthed from the vaults of legendary Northwood Records. The disc includes a sensational performance of Woman Eater from Rochee & The Sarnos and two great cuts- Walking On The Edge Of Midnight & Blues Don´t Go from Fireball XL 5 . Other highlights are Lazy Town Boys - Jack Rabbit, Red Hot 'n' Blue- Caledonia, Riverside Trio- Forty Miles Away, Slingshots- That Chick's Too Young To Fry and Sure Shots- Fire Engine Baby.   


Outrage Vol 1

Originally intended to kick off a series of compilation albums, Outrage Vol 1 proved to be a short shrift on Rage Records and has remained the label's lone shot on the Psychobilly compilation market. The 12” vinyl features fourteen British bands, all of them linked then either with Rage Records or the Raucous label with one track a piece. On a side note, the back sleeve contains some short liner notes about artists and where the songs were taken from and the platter has resisted the compact disc boom up to this day. Highlights include the previously unreleased Off The Hook by Spellbound, the Long Tall Texans- Saint And Sinners, The Rattlers- Face The Facts, Frantic Flintstones- Hot Head Baby as well as some lesser known acts in the likes of The Juvies, The Midniters and the Cellmates.


Psycho Attack Over Europe!(1985)

This sixteen-track Various Artists album originally appeared on the KIX4U Records label back in 1985.The long-playing record was the start of an series of discs  that eventually lead to five volumes, offering all sorts of Psychobilly bands, different styles of rockin' sounds from nearly all parts of Europe on each single LP respectively. The first and second volume have been re-released together on CD format, but some of the best tracks had to been excluded due to copyrights. Highlights on the first volume are Batmobile- Slapping Suspenders, POX- Baby What You Want, Tranquillizers- Destroyed Illusions -Paranoia , Restless- Prisoner Of Love and Meteors- Electro.

2nd Psycho Attack Over Europe!(1986)

This is arguably the best part of the Psycho Attack Over Europe series, again showcasing some of the most talented Psychobilly related rockin' combos from the mid-80's. The original KIX4U vinyl features eleven bands from five different countries and sixteen stompers, including an alternate take of Torment's Torment and the terrific Turkey Dance from The Pharaohs. Other highlights are Archie-Listen To what Archie Sez, Stringbeans-Smell Of Kat -Demon Girl, Roughnecks-Take A Look and French Psychobilly pioneers The Dazzlers with Get Away Of My Brain.

3rd Psycho Attack Over Europe!(1988)

Tho' the third volume of the Psycho Attack Over Europe again includes some great moments from premier bands like Torment and again the kings of Psychobilly The Meteors,  this collection of tracks eventually fails to entertain from start to finish this time, most likely due to the fact that the 12´" vinyl also includes a handful of fillers. On a side note the track Wildkat Ways by the Meteors is misprinted as Wildkat Stomp on the back sleeve of the record. Highlights: Frantic Flintstones-Bedrock, Meteors- Crack Me Up -Wildkat Ways, Scallywags- My Home Is My Castle, Go-Katz-Nowhere Train and Torment- My Dream.

4th Psycho Attack Over Europe ( 1990)

Kix4U Records continued their massive successful Psycho Attack Over Europe story with the fourth volume in 1990. Sixteen tracks, nine different bands and six different European countries were thrown into this solid hotchpotch of freaky Rock'n'Roll, Garage lunacy and Rockabilly psychosis this time. Though all tracks are available elsewhere, the original 12” vinyl is a pretty good document of the late 80's Psychobilly scene. Highlights are Es-Feiv- No Coming Back, Spellbound- Spellbound, Go-Katz- Nightmare, Sons Of The Yompin' Cockroaches- I've Got No Time, Cyclone-Jungle Cat and the Frantic Flintstones- Let's Go Somewhere.



Psycho Mania (1993)

This is an awesome kaleidoscope of some of the most talented Psychobilly outfits, all represented with one of their fan favourites or at least with one of their well-known tracks. The Dojo compact disc carries twenty-four tunes, all licensed from Link or I.D. Records, including some live tracks, which were originally out on the Stomping At The Klub Foot album series. The album definitely is a good  recommendation for newbies with its collection of essential recordings, all others beware as you definitely have heard it all before. Highlights: Guana Batz- Loan Shark, Frenzy- I See Red, Demented Are Go- Holy Hack Jack, Skitzo- Skitzo Mania, Frantic Flintstones- Rockin´ Out and King Kurt- Billy

Psycho Mania Vol. 2 (1993)

This is the second volume of the Psycho Mania series and this time the Dojo 5'' disc was packaged with 23 classics of the genre. All in all, this is a  nice, yet another solid collection of old school Psychobilly standards and classics of the genre, but again, the CD lacks of any previously unissued ,rare recordings or at least some detailed liner notes to make things more interesting. Some of the highlights are Demented Are Go- Transvestite Blues, Frantic Flintstones- Let's Go Somewhere, Scared Stiff- Johnny Cynic, The Tallboys- Ride this Torpedo (live), Radiacs- Jungle Rock and the Polecats with a live recording of Pink & Black.


Psycho Tendencies(1989)

Psycho Tendencies is another classic compilation album, out on Raucous Records. The  platter is not only the first ever long-playing record offering by the label, but also features an entertaining blend of headlining combos from the late 80's rockin' circuit and some new Psycho talent, that was just lurking around the corner by the end of the 1980's. The excellent sleeve design was crafted by Grovelhog front man Richard Gunson, who also contributed with the track Times Gotta Change. The CD release of this compilation album includes six more bonus tracks all from the company's EP output compared to the original fourteen-track 12'' vinyl. Highlights: Long Tall Texans - 900 Miles , Griswalds - Psycho Tendencies- Nighthawk, Go-Katz - Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Kat and a speed freaks take of the Frantic Flintstones' anthem Alley Cat King.


Psychobilly Weekender Vol. 1 (1991)

This album contains thirteen live cuts from the 1st Hemsby International Psychobilly Weekender, that took place back in April 1990. Great live recordings and a well-chosen selection of artists and songs, that give you a decent impression what the Hemsby weekender was all about. A must-have for all those who were there and also a must-have for all those who missed it. Highlights are the Guana Batz- King Rat, Boppin' Kids- That's All Right , Nekromantix- Nekromantic Baby, Torment- Broken Home, Frenzy- Long Gone and the Deltas- Heart Attack.


Rare Psychobilly From The Vaults-Volume One: X-Ray Studio (2010)

The first volume of what seems to be a long series of essential compilation albums in the making has a go at some rare recordings, unreleased gems and obscure stompers all unearthed and created at Alan Wilson's X-Ray studio. Leading off the twenty-four track album are top acts the Sharks and Frantic Flintstones with four terrific tracks apiece. They are followed by bands that all left their decent mark on Psychobilly planet in the 1980's and 1990's, including Breakout and another Alan Wilson side project, The Men From Uncle. This is a strong buy for everyone who loves Psychobilly and a must-have for everyone who is into the history of this genre. Killer tracks are The Sharks- The Kid From Mars -She's Dead, Frantic Flintstones- Scratching my way out- Lunatics Are Raving, Breakout- Burstal Breakout, Lux- Leopard Skin, Rockin Bandits- Go Find Yourself A Guy, The Men From Uncle- Charlie 2 Man With The X-ray Eyes.


Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease(1984)

This is definitely one of the most famous Psychobilly, Garage'n'Trash compilation albums available. The brilliant concept of touring through the history of demented Rock'n' Roll in form of influential originals of rockin' mayhem from the late 1950s and 1960s plus the addition of some essential output, offered by the new carriers of the ongoing Rockabilly Psychosis And The Garage Disease in the late 70s and early 80s was the idea of former Meteors manager Nick Gerard. The original 12" Big Beat vinyl contains fourteen tracks and  the back of the well-known sleeve  includes some well-written liner notes with information about track recordings and artists written by former Meteors manager Nick Garrard. This essential platter, that also topped the UK Independent chart was also re-released on CD format in 1995. Highlights: The Phantom-Love Me, The Trashmen- Surfin' Bird, The Sonics- Psycho, Hasil Adkins- She Said, The Meteors- Radioactive Kid and The Sting-Rays- Cat Man.


Rockin´ It Up! (1987)

This is the first of eventually two album releases under the moniker of " Rockin' It Up! " , originally labelled by Lost Moment Records in 1987. The 12´´ long-playing record includes ten tracks from eight different bands and covers a solid variation of entertaining Neorockabilly rhythms and wild  Psycho stompers, headlined by the company's house bands, The Krewmen and the Surf Rats. Highlights: Krewmen- Night Shift Blues, Wigsville Spliffs- Eyes On My Baby, Rapids- Hi Di Hi and The Ant Hill Mob- Enough and the Surf Rats- Vampire Lover.

Rockin´ It Up! Volume 2(1988)

This is the second and final part of the self-proclaimed " Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Speedmetal" compilation album. The Lost Moment release is a typical Psychobilly compilation from the second half of the 1980's and again includes some of the finest bands of the U.K. rockin' underground . Like the first volume, the album includes two tracks from the Krewmen and the Surf Rats respectively plus output from some of the more popular acts of the era like The Wigsville Spliffs, The Rapids and The Long Tall Texans. Highlights: Krewmen-Public Enemy No 1, Long Tall Texans-Get Back Wet Back, Surf Rats-Just Looking and The Rapids- One Kiss.


She's Just Rockin'(1987)

This is another excellent compilation album from the second half of the 1980s and the initial offering from Dell Richardson's  Fury Records.  The 12'' vinyl album, which is still waiting to be re-released on CD format up to this day, features twelve different bands, all contributing with one track respectively. Most songs of the tracklist are up-tempo, hi-quality Neorockabilly. Highlights: Deltas- Heart Attack (Alt. mix), Sticks Trio- She's Just Rockin', Wigsville Spliffs- Buzz Outta You and Nightshift Trio- Life Could Be Easy.


Single Minded- Best Of Big Beat Singles(1992)

This CD comprises twenty-eight tracks from the years 1981-1986, all of those were originally out on Big Beat singles. This great compilation 5'' "from the garage band daze" is loaded with songs that are otherwise hard to find these days. A nice booklet with lots of info about bands, lineups and recording details rounds off the whole affair. The tracklist even includes two songs from the Sting-Rays' legendary Bananamen EP (Love Me-Surfin´ Bird) Other Highlights are the Tall Boys -Brand New Gun, The Meteors-Radioactive Kid -Graveyard Stomp, Restless- Mr. Blues, The Escalators- Munster Theme, Guana Batz-The Cave, Milkshakes-Brand New Cadillac and  The Sting-Rays-Another Cup Of Coffee


Sick Sick Sick(1987)

This is a splendid live album, recorded- where else?-at the infamous Klub Foot in April 1987. Side 1 of the vinyl release comprises eight tracks from Demented Are Go!. The flip side is shared by Skitzo and the Coffin Nails. The 12'' vinyl captures three of the scene's best loved bands on top of their form at the Psychobilly's legendary venue. On a side note the Coffin Nails set includes the band's original lineup, including Tony Szajer on vocals.  Highlights: Demented Are Go!-PVC Chair-Pervy In The Park-Rubber Love, Skitzo-I Want Your Loving, Coffin Nails-Werewolf Bitch-Uncle Willie.



Stomping At The Klub Foot(1984)

This is the first volume of one of arguably the most important Psychobilly compilation album series, recorded live at the infamous 1980s Psychobilly temple, the Klub Foot in September 1984.This definitely is a piece of Psychobilly history and features sixteen tracks performed by four of the genre's earliest and most popular represented with four tunes each. The ABC Records release, produced by Pete Gage, definitely captures the thrill of wild rockin' live music atmosphere to your living room. Highlights: Restless-Bottle On The Beach-Long Black Shiny Car, The Milkshakes-Sweet Little Sixteen, Guana Batz-Train kept A-Rollin´-Please Gimme Something, The Stingrays-Escalator- Blue Girl.

Stomping At The Klub Foot Vol.2(1985)

The second volume of the Klub Foot series was recorded and released late in 1985 and includes seven representative rockin' outfits this time. Each band contributes with two tracks on this 12'' vinyl. The album is another splendid blend of Trash goodies, powerful Neorockabilly and no-nonsense Psychobilly and was also released by ABC Records. Highlights: Demented Are Go-Transvestite Blues-Pickled & Preserved, Frenzy-Cry Or Die, The Rapids- Legend Of The Lost, The Pharaohs-Crazy & Wild.

Stomping At The Klub Foot Vol. 3 & 4(1986)

"Stomping At The Klub Foot 3 & 4" was originally released as a double 12'' vinyl album and features the cream of the mid-80´s Psychobilly circuit. The twenty-five-track ABC offering is loaded with tons of anthems  and fan favourites. Every song is for the highlight reel, definitely a must-have. The 3rd volume was recorded in August 1986 and the second platter features further tracks from the sessions which were captured for the Volume 1 and 2 releases of the album series. The ABC release also teased the Top 5 of the UK independent chart in the winter of 1986. The best of the best are the Wigsville Spliffs-Al Capone-Highclass Power, Torment- Uncle Sam-Pass It On, Coffin Nails- Let's Wreck, Rochee And The Sarnos-Rip It Up, Batmobile- Cold Sweat, Frenzy- Ghost Train, The Pharaohs-Killed Love and Demented Are Go-Be Bop A Lula

The Klub Foot Kicks Back(1987)

This is the ultimate Klub Foot collection album. The seventeen-track affair includes some of the highlights of the previously released Stomping At The Klub Foot  releases plus two tracks from the Styng Rites and Frenzy. It features the cream of the mid-80´s Psychobilly circuit from B (Batmobile) to W (Wigsville Spliffs) on this chunk of vinyl. Seventeen tracks from seventeen different bands give you a a decent idea about live entertainment at Psychobilly's infamous venue over the years. The Dojo Records re-release on CD format in 1992 includes seven more stompers from the fifth volume of the compilation album series.  Highlights: Rochee & The Sarnos-Rip It Up, Demented Are Go- Transvestite Blues, Torment- Pass It On, Pharaohs- Crazy 'N' Wild, Wigsville Spliffs- Al Capone, Frenzy- Robot Riot and  The Rapids- Legend Of The Lost.

Stomping At The Klub Foot Vol.5(1988)

Stomping At The Klub Foot Vol. 5 is the final  album offering of the compilation album series that traps many of the scene's best loved bands at London's Psychobilly Mecca in Hammersmith. The fourteen-track affair was recorded in January 1988 with the Long Tall Texans and the Highliners at the top of the bill. On a side note Sergeant Bilko's Krazy Combo and Ireland's Shark Bait have never had an official release but these recordings. Highlights: Shark Bait-Johnny Cynic, Sgt. Bilko´s Krazy Combo-Point Of No Return, Skitzo-Your Cheating Heart, Fractured-Gambling Man, Long Tall Texans-Gotta Go-Texas Beat and The Highliners-Come Dancing-Wooly Bully



The Best Of Fury Psychobilly (1998) 

This is a solid Psychobilly compilation album, featuring tracks from the vaults of Dell Richardson's Fury Records. It offers a very varied collection of Psychobilly sounds from best-known outfits as well as tracks from more obscure combos, that set their mark in the history of Psychobilly , a couple of live recordings from the 1990 Big Rumble and songs that are otherwise hard to find these days. The best of the best are The Polecats- Big Green Car, The Elektraws- Shock Rock, Skitzo- Killer Love, Mad Sin- Body Snatchers, Haywire- Champagne And Roses plus the live recordings from Demented Are Go! and Klingonz.

The Rockin' Won't Stop ( 1985)

This is one of the earliest releases on Lost Moment Records and displays an interesting collection of mid-80's Neorockabilly, Rock'n'Roll and Psycho related outfits. Apart from a few fillers from artists and bands which shall not be mentioned here, the 12” vinyl offers the Long Tall Texans and their classic Get Back, Wetback for the first time, The Rattlers anthem Life In A Coffin, the pre-Psychobilly Krewmen, The Deltas and a bunch of less known, but solid rockin' combos like The Ant Hill Mob, The Palominos and the Toy Town Trio. Highlights are Kingbeats- Bad Bad Boy, Ant Hill Mob- Mercy, Palominos- Switch Blade, Krewmen- Death Letter Blues, The Rattlers- Life in a Coffin, Deltas- Spellbound, Long Tall Texans- Get Back, Wetback, Toy Town Trio- Rhythm Train.


These Cats Ain't Nothin' But Trash(1983)

This is a very early compilation album from Big Beat Records, originally out on 12'' vinyl in 1983. The 12'' vinyl includes four tracks from  The Sting-raysMilkshakes and The Cannibals respectively, which was the line-up of the "Night Of Trash", a series of shows that took place in the London area in 1982, plus Link Wray's Hidden Charms, which is not mentioned on the sleeve design. These trio of Trashy cats are wild and raw, blending  Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, Beat and  Punk music to a brand new sound. Highlights: Milkshakes-Please Don´t Tell My Baby, Sting-rays-The Cat-Dinosaurs, Cannibals-Weekend On Mars


Zorch Factor-One(1986)

This is a very interesting and entertaining compilation of stomping Neorockabilly, Psychobilly sounds of the mid 80's. Initially intended "to seek out new Rockabilly the world over and promote it" as printed on the back sleeve the 12´´ vinyl features the first recordings of Torment Coffin Nails plus some early output from the Long Tall Texans. Besides these tracks from new rocking talent, Nervous Records also added two songs from already well-known Frenzy and the Sharks respectively to round up the fourteen track affair. Simply essential! Highlights are Frenzy- All Alone, Torment- My Dream- The Source, The Pharaohs- Tomb Of The Dead, Sharks- We Say Yeah!, Get Smart- It´s Up To You and the more obscure Sidewinders with their Sidewinder Frenzy.

Zorch Factor II(1987)

Nervous Records continued their successful story with the Psychobilly compilation series of  'Zorch Factors' in 1987. Zorch Factor II was originally released on 12'' vinyl  and again includes tracks from Frenzy, Torment, Get Smart plus some new arrivals from the thriving U.K. Neorockabilly, Psychobilly circuit. This time they added newcomers Skitzo's Psycho Baby and Tear It Up and the Wigsville Spliffs hit a Home Run in their Nervous debut. Other highlights are two strong Torment -True Expressions -Hornet's Nest and the Caravans- Alcohol Eyes.

Zorch Factor 3(1990)

The third and final part of the 'Zorch Factor' series features for the first time besides popular British outfits, also US-Psychobilly from The Quakes and a solo track recorded by Torment front man Simon Brand. Others than on the first two volumes of the series, most of the bands included here were already in their prime at the time of the release date and with album releases under their belt. Highlights: The Quakes - I Can't Stay, The Pharaohs- Crazy & Wild, Frantic Flintstones - Safe Surf and the Coffin Nails - House On The Haunted Hill.