Ein Bier Bitte(1987)

Ein Bier Bitte is the debut long-play record from this British Psychobilly legend and simply one more classic release on Nervous Records. The album title is a bi-lingual play on words: Bier is the German word for beer and also an English word for the platform used to transport a coffin to the cemetery. Despite the use of an electric bass in their early days, thuggish vocals and a more twangy, heavier guitar sound than was common in the mid-1980s, all twelve songs create a proper, rockin’ frenzy. The track list also includes the first studio version of their legendary Klub Foot anthem, Let’s Wreck. More highlights are Werewolf Bitch, Wind Up Dead and Uncle Willie.


A Fistful Of Burgers (1988)

This is the second studio album from the COFFIN NAILS, which was originally released on 12” vinyl by Link Records late in 1988. After the departure of Dave Ward, guitarrero Humungus took over the mike for the first time on studio recordings. A Fistful Of Burgers was re-released with Who’s He? on CD format in 1996. The album includes a spectacular cover version of Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel. Other highlights are the re-recording of PenetrationMy Baby Left Me , their studio cut of Coffin Nails, and Loose Loose Woman.


Who´s He? (1991)

Back at Nervous Records, the re-formed COFFIN NAILS laid down these songs for their third studio album back in 1991. The addition of a slap bass and an increasing number of influences from other musical genres result in a novel, arguably more rocking sound from the band from Reading. The variation of tempo and themes, backed by great work from the producer’s chair, plus a solid dose of humour, make Who’s He? another Psychobilly classic. Highlights are: Skeleton Swamp, Humungus’s Horse BluesShe’s A Moose and Carling Black Label.


The Dead Don't Get Older (2008)

The Dead Don't Get Older and the COFFIN NAILS haven't begun to rust away either as it's proven with their eight studio album. Released on their very own Greystone Records, the album contains twelve songs plus intro and a hidden bonus track. Weird lyrics rarefied with a healthy dose of broad humour, catchy melodies and a straight back-to basics sound make up another classic offering by the Reading-based three-piece. Highlights are Six Feet Under, live favourite and sing-alonger The Dead Don't Get Older, Stop Dreaming , Backstage Baby and their rattling through the Texas Troubadour's Driving Nails In My Coffin.