The Caravans


On The Rocks(1988)

On The Rocks is one of these great pieces of  7´´ vinyl , which were offered by Raucous Records  during the late eighties. The EP from the British Neorockabilly legends includes three fine rockin' stompers. Tracklist: More Whiskey--Her Love Was Cold--Ice Cold.

No Show, No Go (1991)

Wild rocking, powerful three-track 7” vinyl EP release from the early 1990s. All of the songs are awesome, branded by THE CARAVANS’ hallmark fat slap bass sounds, catchy melodies and stomping rhythms. Track list: No Show, No Go /// Baby I Don’t Care -- Rock With My Baby.


Easy Money(1988)

"Easy Money" is another awesome Neorockabilly production from Nervous Records. It´ s loaded with three guitars and Mark Pennington´s excellent treatment of the slapping bass. About 5 years after the band was formed, this 12´´ vinyl has been the first full-length album  recorded by the U.K. outfit. The CD reissue out on Crazy Love Records includes four previously unreleased bonus songs from that era. If you are a Psychobilly hardliner , this could be the wrong choice, but everybody else with a decent enthusiasm for Rockabilly rhythms will like it. Highlights: Ball & Chain, Good Bye Good Bye and In The Heat .

No Excuses (1991)

No Excuses is the second wild rockin’ album from the Portsmouth-based outfit. After a line-up change that brought in former Get Smart drummer Jonny Bowler, the band recorded their second album for Frantic Flintstones front man Chuck Harvey’s short-lived Chuckee Dee Records . One of the highlights of the eleven-song release is a stunning cover of the Sinhead O'Connor /Prince smash hit Nothing Compares 2 U. The original 12” vinyl was re-released on CD format with the complete On The Rocks EP as a bonus. More highlights of the album are Sixteen Chicks, Ain’t Got No Excuses and That’s The Way It Is.


Straightside was originally released as a 12” on amber vinyl by Gary Day’s Rockout Records back in 1994, before it was re-released with five more tracks on CD format about eight years later. The CD also contains versions of the Klub Foot classics Gonna Love Ya, Want You Back and Baby That’s Where You’re Wrong. Other highlights are Rockin’ Tonight and She’s Just Rockin’.

Saturday Nite's Alright (1999)

This is another enjoyable album from one of the genre’s most prolific bands of the last decade. The album was released on both vinyl and compact disc formats. The platter is another combination of wild but very melodic up-tempo Neorockabilly and traditional Psycho sounds, backed by a great hard-slapped upright bass. Saturday Nite’s Alright includes a re-recording of Alcohol Eyes, a song that was originally issued on the Zorch Factor series, and a cover version of the Johnny Cash song, Ring Of Fire. Other highlights are Pretty Picture, Pay Back Day and Allergic Kiss.  

Treasures & Trash (2003)

This is a superb and interesting 18-track collection of demo recordings from the years 1985 to 2002. A groovy selection of songs, wild Neobilly rhythms and a very catchy, melodic sound that makes you want to move your feet. The inner sleeve notes also give you an overview of sound and lineup changes over the years. Highlights: Rip It Up, No Excuses, Pay Back Day, Kool Off Baby and Easy Money.

"Less Smoke, More Powder" (2004)

Another fine full-playing record from one of the most popular wanderers between the worlds of Psychobilly and Neorockabilly. The lineup of Mark Pennington on guitar, bass maniac Paul Lambourne, and Lee Barnett slapping the skins created these thirteen tracks for Tombstone Records. Despite the fact that the band had been going at it for nearly 20 years at the time of the release, the sound is harder and as fat as ever. Among the highlights are some surprising but excellent covers, including AC/DC’s Highway To Hell and Nirvana’s About A Girl. Other great songs are Get A Head, Shelf Life, the instrumental Snuff Babe, and Kerosene

Lying With Dinosaurs - The Best Of The Caravans(2004)


This twenty-four-track 'best of THE CARAVANS' CD was compiled by Alan Wilson and was released as part of the 'Psychobilly Collectors Series' by Cherry Red Records in 2004. Strong song selection and an informative story of the band on the sleeve capture one of the most popular and more prolific bands of the genre, the different chapters of band history and its contributions brilliantly. Solid buy! Songs like Easy Money, Gypsy Girl, Baby That's Where You Were Wrong, Never Gonna Love You, Pay Back Day, More Whiskey (2004 version) and their cover version of Cecil Brown are highly recommended. 

Smashed And Stripped Bare (2007)

One of the best bands of the genre goes unplugged. This is definitely a fantastic all-acoustic album from one of the scene’s most beloved and respected outfits. A great variation of sounds and themes, some well-chosen cover versions and powerful performance on all tracks make this another standout CARAVANS album. Highlights: Get Ahead, Restless Heart, Payback Day, X It 19, Kiss Off, and their interpretation of Jack EarlsSign On The Dotted Line.