Captain Drugbuster Meets Jock McRock And Rumble Steve

The Raid (1997)

This is the totally wicked, one-off side project that features ace bass player and Hemsby TV mad man Captain Drugbuster as well as well-known Steve Hooker and “Space Cadet” Ricky Lee Brawn. The 10” picture disc shelters four songs of rockin’ mayhem, highlighted by excellent musicianship and freaky lyrics. Track list: The Raid -- Pound On The Ground // Even Though She’s DeadSkip To The Loo.


Captain Drugbuster Meets The Zorchmen


Captain Drugbuster Meets The Zorchmen (2010)


After he met Jock McRock And Rumble Steve for The Raid some moons ago, former Demented Are Go!- bass ace Graeme Grant and his alter ego are back with this excellent four-track EP, out on Diablo Records (CD) and on the Migraine label (vinyl) respectively. This time the captain is supported by Nigel Lewis' backing band, THE ZORCHMEN , Psychobilly all-stars “Ginger” Meadham on drums and a Philip “Doyley” on guitar. All of them songs are in the mood of the first Captain Drugbuster release with  clear guitar sounds, a brilliant and wild stomping rhythm section, backed by excellent musicianship and explicit smutty lyrics. Real rockin' ? No more no less! Track listing: Kick Her Butt -- Chase The Girls-- Oops Sorry-- Will You Still Miss Me?