Blubbery Hellbellies

At Large (1984)

This is the debut vinyl from what´s arguably Great Britain´s most massive contribution to the 1980s Psychobilly boom . Despite or because of the fact that the vinyl debut as well as follow-up releases from the " Blubs " are hard to pigeonhole with their unbelievable blend of Rockabilly, Punk, Country influences plus these extra dose of British humour, On Large and sequels  are frequently seen in serious Psychobilly record collections . The brilliant opening track I Don´t Wanna Get Thin was also chosen for the Blood On The Cats compilation series. The mini album was originally released by Upright Records back in 1984. Highlights: I Don´t Wanna Get Thin, Perfect Woman and Please Release Me Baby.

Flabbergasted (1985)

This is another often overlooked gem of the mid-eighties. The first full-length album from the Blubbery Hellbellies, also out on Upright Record, is another brilliant mixture of Billy sounds, Punk and Country music influences, often short-termed as Cow Punk. Boz Boorer, who also wrote My Baby She´s As Fat As Me (a song that made it on the Klub Foot video series ) , worked in the background of this album, which is not  been-for whatever reasons- re-released on any CD format. Highlights: On The Other Side, Food Poisoning, Eraserhead Baby, My Baby She´s As Fat As Me and  Prehistoric Plateau.

Cafe Blur (1986)

After signing with another record company, the Hellbellies recorded this six track mini album for Flicknife Records. The 12´´ vinyl again continues with the band´s unique blend of funny lyrics and a huge assortment of musical sounds and backgrounds varying  from Blues, Ska, Country and Rockabilly. This is definitely not an offer for the speed freaks , but all open-minded Psychobilly minds and partygoers will like it . The best tracks are Love At  First Hindsight, All In Wrestling Mama and Champion The Wonder Horse.