Midnight Maniac(1992)

This is a three-track mini CD which hit the record shops back in 1992. It was released by Count Orlok Music to support the Hard Hammer Hits album. It includes two different cuts of the song Midnight Maniac, plus another previously unreleased BATMOBILE track. Track list: Midnight Maniac I -- Midnight Maniac II -- Thinking About You Baby



The first vinyl offering from Batmobile is the arguably one of the most famous Psychobilly mini albums ever. It includes only seven tunes, but all of them are true killers. Fast Neorockabilly sounds come along with pure Psycho lyrics and Eric Haamers beating up his double bass like a maniac. The vinyl is charged with 100 % power ,a fantastic mix of horror and humour, simply a milestone of the genre. This record is without any doubt a must-have in any serious Psychobilly record collection. Highlights:  Frenzy, Scum Of The Neighbourhood , Bat Attack, Transsylvanian Express and  Love Disease.


Bambooland is the first long-playing record from the Dutch Psychobilly trio and also the very first offering from drummer Johnny Zuidhof ’s own Count Orlok Records. The sound is influenced a little bit more by Rockabilly elements than their Batmobile debut mini album, but this is nonetheless an awesome essential album with fantastic rockin’ tracks, which contains many fan favourites and all-time classics. The opening track, Bambooland, was also used as the title theme for the Stomping At The Klub Foot VHS and DVD releases.  Highlights: Bambooland, Mission Impossible, Chasin´ , Ain´t Gonna Drink No More and Cold Sweat.

Buried Alive !(1988)

Originally issued on two 12” vinyl platters with three songs on each side, Buried Alive! contains demo tapes and live cuts from the years 1983 to1987. Not known for its perfect sound or high quality, this album nevertheless brings pure fun and raw Rockabilly power to your home sound system. The re-release on CD from 1990 includes four extra songs. Highlights: Calamity Man, Killers Crew, Bring All My Love and Mad At You 

Bail Was Set At $6,000,000(1988)

This is the only BATMOBILE album released on Nervous Records. It is old school Psychobilly at its best. Every one of the twelve tracks is loaded with raw Rockabilly power, cool guitar solos, a hard slapped double bass and great lyrics. The 12” vinyl is also packed with tons of fan favourites. Highlights: Kiss Me Now, Magic Word Called Love, Calamity Man, Shoot Shoot, Girls Girls Girls and 100 Pounds Of Trouble.

Amazons From Outer Space(1989)

Amazons From Outer Space is the fifth vinyl album from the Psychobilly legends. After a short jaunt at Nervous Records, the trio was back at the Count Orlok label in 1989 to record these thirteen tracks. Catchy and infectious melodies combined with fantastic sound, superior song-writing and mean guitar play result in another outstanding album. Highlights: Ice Rock, Ravin’ Women, Amazons from Outer Space and Sex Rays.

Batmobile Is Dynamite! (1990)

A well-produced concept album from BATMOBILE, recorded in January 1990. All but one track has "dynamite" in the title (the other one is a cover version of  the Rikki & The Rikatones’ TNT ) and seven of the eight tracks are covers from different eras, bands and artists with various musical backgrounds. Highlights are She’s Dynamite (BB King), Rollin’ Dynamite ( Scotty McKay ) and their version of Cliff Richard & The Shadows’ Dynamite.

Blast From The Past (1993)


Celebrating the band's 10th anniversary in style were BATMOBILE with this 'The Worst and the Best' of album on Count Orlok in 1993. Others than usually to be found on similar compilations the trio re-recorded all songs from their previous output and also added a few new offerings, including a cover version of Del Shannon's Runaway. The CD contains twenty-three tracks and captures the trio's early career perfectly. My favourite tracks are Bat Attack, Transsylvanian Express, Kiss me Now, Tragic Word Called Love, Shoot, Shoot and Ravin' Women.

The Clarendon Ballroom Blitz- Live At The Klub Foot 1986 (2008)

Rumoured to have been in existence for many years, this full live set is finally available for the first time, 22 years after its original live recording.  Out on Anagram's Psychobilly Collectors Series, this compact disc presents one of the best-loved bands of the genre performing a great show at the notorious mecca of Psychobilly during its heyday. The astounding quality of the recordings, a lovingly prepared booklet which includes liner notes from Alan Wilson, Jeroen Haamers, Simon Nott and Mick Speedfreak, and – last but not least – the tracks themselves, are all you need to know. My personal favourites are Transsylvanian Express, this early version of Mission Impossible, Zombie Riot, Ain’t Gonna Drink No More, Bambooland and Chasin’.