Bang Bang Bazooka

Bang Bang Bazooka(1988)

This is the debut album of the Dutch Psychobilly quartet, released on the Count Orlock label.  The track list contains an excellent mix of Rockabilly, Rock ´n `Roll  and some Punk. The result is cool late 80´s Psychobilly, backed by a fat slapped doghouse bass and powerful guitar play. Among the highlights is a  high-speed cover version of  Buddy Holly´s  I'm Gonna Love You Too. Other highlights are Rockin' Shock, Drive and Black Widow.

True Rebel (1990)

This is the second full-length offering from the Dutch Bang Bang Bazooka. The album title and the title track are a reference  to their roadie Arno V.D.Wassenberg, who was killed in an accident in 1989. This is another well played collection of great material, influenced by all kinds of rockin´ music. Highlights: Frankenstein Rock, True Rebel, Human Alligator , Big John and Crimson Moon.

Hell Yeah!!! (2007)

Hell Yeah!!! is the Bang Bang Bazooka boys´ first album after the band´s latest reunion in 2004 and the first album from the Dutch rockers since the release of True Rebel back in 1990. The disc is distinguished by  good production, gifted musicianship and a very diversified track list, comprising Country, Rockabilly, R&B and Psychobilly elements. Burn Bobby Burn, City Boy, Evil Woman, The Butcher and an exciting cover version of The Polecats´  Rockabilly Guy are  stand-outs of the twelve track CD, released on the Crazy Love label.