Shark Attack! (1987)

Shark Attack! is the debut mini LP from the Lower Saxony-based rockin’ outfit, out on the Dutch KIX4U label in 1987. This eight-track affair comes along with wild stomping, peppy, bass guitar-driven sounds from the high-speed end of the spectrum of 80's Psychobilly, backed by traditional subjects, solid arrangement  and sheer enthusiasm. Never re-released on any format, this 12” vinyl has become a collector’s item. The best songs are the title theme Shark Attack, The Black Phantom and Stomped Dance.

Bad Dooleys (1988)


Sacrificing the bass guitar in favour of a double bass are the BAD DOOLEYS on their Shark Attack follow-up album. Apart from that, the German Psychobilly combo are repeating their recipe for success on this ten-track KIX4U Records release. High-speed beats, traditional themes, tight sounds and some moments of surprise that are carefully scattered over ten tracks, create a classic late-80's feel. My favourite tracks are album opener Deathman, their cover version of Wild Wild Women, John The Fly, Curse Of The Tomb and Lord Of The Fear.

No Escape (1993)

This is the third and last release from the German Psychobilly combo before their initial breakup. The ten-track album was originally released by Tombstone Records and is a wild blend of Neorockabilly, Hillbilly and Psycho elements. Though drifting away further from the original full-throttle Psycho rockin' sounds, this is a very catchy and rockin' album, heightened by bright guitar riffs and the splendid sound of the double bass. Highlights: Maneaters-land, Space Rockers, Catwar and cover versions of 900 Miles and Blue Moon Baby.