Frantic Flintstones


The first official FRANTIC FLINTSTONES release, distributed by Raucous Records in 1987. Classic 80’s top-notch Psychobilly, just the way you’d expect it to be played. The 7” vinyl EP is also one of the label’s best-selling records. The song Bedrock was selected for the 3rd Psycho Attack Over Europe! album. Track list: Bedrock -- Hot Head Baby /// Sugar Daddy Let’s Go Somewhere.

Frantic Flintstones(1989)

This is another darn good four-track EP from the FRANTIC FLINTSTONES, again on Raucous Records. The four-track vinyl is simply one more classic Psychobilly 7”  from the late 80’s, also featuring two well-known cover versions of Just Because and Old Black Joe. Track list: Old Black Joe -- Alcohol Buzz //// 44 -- Just Because.

Yahbahdahbahdoo! (1989)

Yahbahdahbahdoo! is a great six-track 12” from Chuck & Co., released on the Dutch KIX4U label. It’s loaded with six killer songs from the early FRANTIC FLINTSTONES which make this EP a real standout. It includes two different recordings of the early fan favourite, Hot Head Baby. Track list: Alley Cat King -- Bed Rock -- Hot Head Baby (2nd version) /// Let’s Go Somewhere -- Sugar Daddy -- Hot Head Baby (1st version)



A Nightmare On Nervous(1988)

This is old school Psychobilly at its best! Take a furious slapping bass treated by Gaz Day, Chuck Harvey’s high energy vocals, plus sensational changes of tempo…add lyrics loaded with humour, horror and mental illness…and you get A Nightmare On Nervous. The original twelve-song vinyl, which has also been re-released on several occasions, contains a couple of all-time Psychobilly classics too. Highlights: Monte Carlo Or Bust, 44, Ally (sic) Cat King, Red Chevy and What The Hell.

Rockin Out(1988)

Rockin Out is the first FRANTIC FLINTSTONES output with Link Records. The mini album includes eight tracks covering a broad musical background. It features Jazz and Blues elements, as well as straight Psychobilly sounds. The slap bass-playing Flintstone cartoon eventually became the logo for future Chuck Flintstone Presents... releases on the Link label. This fine mini album was re-released with the Not Christmas Album as part of the Anagram Psychobilly Collectors Series back in 1995. Highlights: One Night Stand, Hot Head Baby, Chuck Blows A Fuse and Let’s Go Somewhere.

The Nightmare Continues... (1989)

This is the band’s second studio output from their time with Link Records. The Nightmare Continues ... Demonic Verses ... Chuck’s Revenge, the complete title of the twelve-track 12” vinyl platter, surprises with an unusually strong distorted guitar sound (by FRANTIC FLINTSTONES standards, at least) and a generally weirder vibe than other releases. If you take a deeper listening, you will be rewarded with catchy melodies, wreck-able sounds and a good idea of what Psychobilly in the late 80’s was all about. The album also has an excellent version of live favourite, Burned ‘n’ Turned. Other highlights are Smack Smack, Twisted Retard, Raspin’ Grasses and the Ska-ish Waste Of Life.

Not Christmas Album(1989)

Not Christmas Album is loaded with cover versions (although some have been renamed), including three well-known Christmas tunes. The Link Records release kicks off with the brilliant Frantic (a re-christened version of the two-tone classic, Madness) and finishes with a Psychobilly Old Black Joe. In between, you will find ten more rockin’ songs, a sax, a banjo and lots of fun. This is Not Christmas Album…this is definitely "all year round". Other highlights are Wider Road To HellNecro Blues, Just Because and Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me.

Live And Rockin´ (1989)

This is definitely one of the better releases in the Live & Rockin’ series and offers a FRANTIC FLINTSTONES gig originally recorded back in November 1988. The set includes loads of the band’s very early anthems and fan favourites. As it is true for most live albums, this disc is most enjoyed as a complete session, but What The Hell, Rockin’ Bones, Necro Blues, Whiskey Bottle Baby and One Night Stand would be my picks for a separate listening.

Cuttin' A Fine Line (1991)

This is just another classic album from ever high-prolific FRANTIC FLINTSTONES, originally released on 12“ vinyl by German Rumble Records in 1991 and eventually adopted and pressed on compact disc format by Raucous Records in 2002. The sixteen-track album features the best-known Chuck- Pug- Gaz -Rich FF line-up and showcases the quartet at its best, rockin' and jammin' through a well-chosen studio set of excellent cover versions and exciting originals. This offering is a strong buy for everybody into Rock'n'Roll entertainment Psycho style and a must-have for FF collectors anyway. My favourite tunes include Chilled Bones, Jungle Love, Tom Dooley, Boneshaker Baby, Dont Want You Baby, Drug Squad and Am I That Easy To Forget.

Rock It Boy (1993)

This time Chuck Flintstone and the boys give you a lesson in the history of Rock‘n’Roll. They cover and stomp their way through Sun Rockabillies, Ricky Nelson, Hank Williams and The Clash. The songs were originally recorded during different sessions from 1991 through 1993. The album was put out by Rumble Records before it was finally re-released on Raucous Records in 2002. Highlights: You Call Everybody Darling, Your Cheatin’ Heart, Sweet Baby Doll, Jimmy Jazz and Broken Heart.

Jamboree (1993)

This is another amazing album from Chuck Harvey and his FRANTIC FLINTSTONES. This CD was issued by Anagram and contains 20 wild rockin’ tracks. If  there’s anything like a typical FF album, Jamboree comes close. Melodic Neorockabilly, great sound quality,Gaz Day back on the doghouse bass, and a variety of themes and musical influences make Jamboree one of the best Psychobilly releases of the mid-90’s. It’s also the first FLINTSTONES album featuring former Shark Alan Wilson in the producer’s chair. The album was also released on 12” vinyl with only 12 tracks, renamed Ravin’ With The Lunatics on Rockout Records in the same year. Highlights: Love For A Nutter (Brainstorm Babee), Your Time Is Up, Diablo, Lunatics Are Raving, Oh 898 and Candyman.

Enjoy Yourself (1994)

This is the second release from the FRANTIC FLINTSTONES with Anagram Records, but doesn’t come close to the quality of the forerunner. The album suffers from short-term lineup changes and a lack of rehearsal prior to the recording sessions. Between the songs some radio spots were used as intermediates. Despite all that, Enjoy Yourself offers some good songs and the title track has become an integral part of the FLINTSTONES’ live set. Highlights: Enjoy Yourself, Cradle Baby, You Don’t Love Me Anymore, Tip On My Tongue and Up Your Nose

The X-Ray Sessions (1996)

This 16-track album includes songs from jam sessions that were recorded at Alan Wilson’s X-Ray studios in 1992 and 1993, and were not originally planned for release. The sessions feature (in addition to Chuck Harvey and Alan Wilson) musicians like Gary Day, Ritchie Taylor and Paul Hodges. The album is a grandiose crossover of Hillbilly/Rockabilly covers as well as stronger meat written by Harvey and Wilson. Highlights: Unfortunate Jack, Today Is Blue, Roses Are Blooming, Lunatics Are Raving and Chop Chop, Slash Slash.

Speed Kills (1998)

This is another killer album from the almost unlimited pool of Chuck Harvey recordings. The first eleven tracks were originally recorded by the lineup of Harvey-Pug-Bowler-Clem 1992-ish, whilst the other four tracks are probably from the X- Ray era. A unique variation of sounds, cleverly chosen cover versions, and solid production and engineering make Speed Kills a strong fan favourite among the legions of FLINTSTONES supporters. Highlights are Speed Kills, Torso, Just Havin’ Me A Smoke, Do Cocaine and Stairway To Nowhere.

The Raucous Recordings (1998)

This 16-song CD features the band’s long-deleted EPs, recorded for Raucous Records in the late 1980s, two more previously unreleased recordings and six live tracks taken from a very early FRANTIC FLINTSTONES gig. Despite the fact that the live recordings are pretty low quality, the taped songs give you an idea of what the band sounded like at the beginning. Highlights are Let’s Go Somewhere, Alley Cat King, 44, Shakin’ (which is, in fact, Shake Your Moneymaker with a variation of the lyrics) and the live recording of Oh Baby Oh Yeah

Champagne 4 All ! (2003)

This is another class FRANTIC FLINTSTONES album, recorded at Alan Wilson´s Western Star Studios for German Crazy Love Records in 2003. It includes 12 brand new, original FLINTSTONES songs (look for hidden bonus stuff) and combines a nice mix of hard rockin’ Psychobilly, catchy melodies and those Muh lyrics. The release is arguably the band’s most Psycho rockin’ album since the days of Schlachthof Boogie Woogie. This one is really extra brut! Highlights: Retarded, Champagne 4 All!, Bugs Bunny, Jack It Up and Prophet Of  Doom.

Psycho Samba My Way (2009)

The twenty-somethingth studio album from El Cha Cha Chucker, this time supported by his South American drug squad, was recorded over six months during the FF's main man stint in Brazil. Still denying any musical restrictions of how Psychobilly should sound like, THE FRANTIC FLINTSTONES created another brilliant brew that includes ingredients spanning Rockabilly, Country, Glam, Punk, Folk and dozen more to come up with yet another classic muh. The Drunkabilly release excels with an ever-present fiddle, incredible changes of speed and themes and a solid balance of original FF and well-chosen cover versions that were spit out the FF way. Highlights include Back On The Couch Again, Cheatin' Heart, You Can Have Her, Lying Naked, My Way and the drug inspired Yabba-Dabba Family. 

Freaked Out & Psyched Out (2012)


After he had been enjoying the 'Psycho Samba his Way' for quite a while, Chuck Harvey decided to relocate to Germany once more and he didn't waste any time to recruit a Berlin-based lineup to continue the muh mission. This Drunkabilly release combines the very best elements of the FRANTIC FLINTSTONES' two and a half decades-spanning infamous career with the majority of the songs rockin' like they were written back in the golden days of their early classics (you know them all!). Songs like Haunted, Mental, Crazy, Room 404 and Paranoia are some fine examples for the big variation of rockin' sounds and FF-type lyrics. To top it all off, the extra track Tongues sees El Cha Cha Chucker reading Paul Zech's German translation of Villon's 'Ballad Of Slanderous Tongues' and is arguably outdoing Klaus Kinski's famous recording here. Top muh!