Live By The Sword (2014)


With eight full-length studio albums and one live record already in their back catalogue, the US Psychobilly pioneers eventually come up here with their very first EP offering ever. After just a few seconds you're again into the three-piece' trademark sound with rockin' Gretsch guitar, healthy walking bass and bangs hit by the stand-up drums. Tho' all tunes sound like classic QUAKES material right from the start, the three-piece again managed to sound fresh, new and exciting as ever. Track listing: Silent Type/ On The Rocks/ Under The Radar/ See You Again/ F**k You.


The Quakes (1988)

Unable to get a record deal or to make any musical progress in the United States of America, THE QUAKESólike the Stray Catsójumped over the ocean and joined Londonís rockiní underground in 1987. Their self-titled debut album, out on Nervous Records, is a fast, hard rockiní and powerful piece of vinyl loaded with  tons of (early) fan favourites, many of them still part of the bandís live set. Highlights: Pack Our Bags And Go, Where Did It Go?, Psycho Attack, Show Me, Psychobilly Jeckyll & Mr Hyde and Satan On My Side.

Voice Of America(1990)

Voice Of America is the second straight classic long-playing record from the US trio. Though they went a short way back to their Rockabilly roots, most of the tracks still have the power to drive you mental. Killer tracks are definitely the Psychobilly/Rockabilly anthem Stick To Your Guns and the opening tune, Puttiní Out The Flame. Other highlights are U.S.A., What Will They Say About Me and their excellent cover version of the Rolling Stonesí Paint It Black.

Live in Tokyo (1992)

This CD release includes thirteen tracks, all recorded live during the bandís first Japanese Tour back in 1991. Originally set to be out on Planet Records, the copyright of the tracks was passed to Nervous Records. The set list not only offers live versions of some of the best tracks from their first two studio albums, but also some great cover versions and Strike Out King, a song that was added as a bonus track on one of the re-releases of their debut platter. As is the case with most live albums, Live In Tokyo is best enjoyed as a full session listening, but highlights are arguably their cover of The Wigsville Spliffs Lonely Boy, which opens the live set, Paint It Black, Stick To Your Guns and their interpretation of the Stray Cats anthem, Fishnet Stockings.

New Generation(1993)

This album was originally released by Sony Records and was intended to promote Rockabilly and Psychobilly in Japan. This is definitely not a typical straight Psychobilly stomper with its combination of different musical styles and influences, like New Wave, Punk Rock and even some Adam Ant. But when you are finally settled in, you get superb song-writing, excellent musicianship and one of the more entertaining Psychobilly albums. Among the highlights is a brilliant cover version of Depeche Modeīs Behind The Wheel. Other highlights are New Generation, Dateless Night, Itís Gone and Now I Wanna.

Quiff Rock(1995)

Quiff Rock is the fourth studio album from THE QUAKES, originally out on Tombstone Records. The fourteen songs offer a huge assortment of different sounds and great song-writing with lyrics far beyond the horror movie clichť. The album is definitely one of the best albums from an era when Psychobilly was on the decline and the scene seemed to be over. After obtaining the rights from Tombstone, Quiff Rock was re-released on Orrexx Records in 2007 with eight bonus tracks. Highlights: Throw It All Away, Animals, Cool To Be A Punk, Dinosaur In Leather Pants and Die In This Town.

Last Of The Human Beings(2001)

Six years after their last studio album, Last Of The Human Beings hit the record shops and offered proof that THE QUAKES were still alive and rockin'. The band again comes along with an exciting assortment of musical influences without losing their Rockabilly roots. They even tried the New Wave classic Killing Moon, which really sounds brilliant as a Neorockabilly tune. Their fifth studio album is also the initial release on their own Orrexx Records label. Highlights: I Donít Come From Nowhere, Wasted, Rockiní Cats, Clone and Future Shock Rock.


This is another brilliant production from Paul Romanís creative hotbed of Psychobilly made in the U.S.A. The album is another furious blend of different musical styles, mixed to a modern model of still-authentic Psychobilly sound, boosted by great guitar play and those very ambitious lyrics. It includes fourteen tracks plus a hidden bonus song (Ant Music). The digi-pak release comes with a nice booklet, which also includes all lyrics. Highlights: Nothing To Say, USA Psychos, Place Called Today, Send Me An Angel and Lifetime To Go.

Negative Charge (2009)

This is the seventh studio release from THE QUAKES, also out on Paul Romanís own Orrexx Records. The album includes another twelve top-notch tunes, all combining the bandís landmark of high-quality song-writing, exciting variation of sounds and influences as well as excellent musicianship. The new line-up matches perfectly and the addition of special guests doesnít hurt either. All songs are originals and range between straight Psychobilly stompers and classic Neorockabilly sounds, many sophisticated with a decent shot of New Wave and 70ís Punk. Kinda Negative Charge, but thatís the way life is. With all killers, highlights are hard to pick, but my personal favourites are Seven Seas Alone, Spirit Of The Cat, Time Wasters, Ready For A War, Turn On You Tomorrow and Everything Must Die.

Planet Obscure (2012)

Dealing with life on Planet Obscure are Paul Roman and his QUAKES featuring their trademark blend of Psychobilly and Rockabilly sounds spiced up by an healthy dose of 80's New Wave vibes and intelligent song-writing also in the mix. The voice of America's 2012 offering is yet another quality release that cements their reputation of being one of the scene's hottest groups not only when it comes to headlining festivals but also for their fine work in the studios. This CD is originally released on their own Orrexx Records but it's also available as 12Ē piece of vinyl with an additional bonus song labelled by Crazy Love. Songs like Dark Shadows, Promise, It's A Curse, Wildcat, You're A Joke or Anti Social Girl are all classic QUAKES material and make this a strong buy. You know what I'm Saying?